When You May Need To Get Rhinoplasty

The nose is one of the most used organs in your body. Not only are you constantly taking breaths through it, it also helps one smell and plays an important role in shaping your face. In fact, having a distorted nose can affect your look entirely as it is in the centre of your face. Unfortunately, the nose is not one of the strongest parts of the body and you may easily break it, especially while playing sports or doing other physical activity. In such cases, you may experience complications with breathing and your sense of smell may be affected as well. The best cure for this is rhinoplasty. It is a surgical procedure that may help straighten out any distorted bones in the nose and correct any blockage in the nasal pathway. If you’ve injured your nose recently, you should look for a good ENT specialist from Dr Edward Smith ENT Surgeon who will advise you whether you need rhinoplasty or other medical treatment.

Not all people need nose surgery to fix a broken nose. Sometimes, you may want to do it for beautification reasons. In fact, most of the rhinoplasty is done to help people improve their appearance. This has several benefits which are usually connected to improved physical appearance, such as boosting one’s self confidence, etc. However, you should first consult with an ENT specialist who may advise you whether rhinoplasty is beneficial for you or not. Sometimes, you may have a defect from birth, such as a lump on the nose or a lack of facial symmetry. In other cases, you may simply want to give your face a new shape. In such cases, an ENT specialist may first assess whether you have any prior medical issues and will conduct a thorough examination of your nose before advising you whether to go forward with rhinoplasty or not.

Other common conditions that can be treated through rhinoplasty are breathing problems and snoring, etc. There may be a range of possible causes for such conditions, but one of the most common causes is a deviated spectrum. Your doctor will first conduct an examination of the nose to check whether the bones are properly aligned or not. You may also be given allergy testing to see whether an allergy is the cause of your blocked nose. After rhinoplasty you may need to rest for a few days and stay away from sports and other physical activities. Rhinoplasty is quite effective in most cases as it helps improve breathing and may also improve your overall appearance. Always look for a qualified ENT specialist if you are considering rhinoplasty as doing it incorrectly may cause permanent damage to your nose.