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Power Animals


It is believed that each of us is born with 9 animals who bring teachings and messages for greater understanding and insights for our benefit throughout our lifetime.
Two of those animals are permanent and never leave us; they are our primary totems — sometimes called Power Animals.

We usually know these animals by instinct because we are especially attracted to them throughout our lives. They are not necessarily exotic animals, but can be anything from the animal, bird or reptile families. Sometimes we may even dream about them.

One walks on the left to guard and guide the feminine side of our energies; the other walks on our right to guard and guide the masculine characteristics. Those born with a female totem on the right, and a male totem on the left are born with a special kind of energy balance and usually have very important Spirit work to do in their lifetime.

My Spirit Totem is Horse and my Birth Spirit is Raven

Horse's Wisdom Includes:





Freedom to run free

Control of the environment

Awareness of power achieved with true cooperation

Journey to Harmony
Interspecies communication

Expanding one’s own potential abilities

Friendship and Cooperation


Astral travel

Guardian of travelers

Warns of possible danger

Horse -- Power
Horse is physical power and unearthly power.

In understanding the power of Horse, you may see how to strive for a balanced medicine shield.

True power is wisdom found in remembering your total journey.

Compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and sharing your gifts, talents and abilities are the gateways to power.

Apply this knowledge and reclaim the power you have given away by forgetting to come from compassion.

Untangle yourself from the present situation and understand that every human being must follow this pathway to power before galloping upon the winds of destiny.


Those who carry raven medicine also carry a heavy responsibility to Spirit.
Raven is the messenger of magic from the great void where all knowledge waits for us.
He is also the symbol of changes in consciousness, of levels of awareness and of perception.

He carries the mark of the shape-shifter. He is the carrier of healing energy from distances.

Raven medicine gives you the ability to get inside another's head and heart, and to understand them.

Spiritual healers and counselors who are skilled in their abilities are using raven power for they have a depth of understanding and empathy not shared by all. Because of this power, they have the ability to actually alter another's perception and behavior. They are able to work real magic in bringing peace, healing and understanding to others.

The heavy responsibility, and the dangers, in raven medicine. As with all things, these powers can be used for dark purposes. It enables the carrier to manipulate and coerce others into doing their will to the detriment of the other. This medicine can be used for selfish and self-serving purposes for the ego and greed of the carrier. Because of the power of the levels in understanding others, a practitioner of the black arts can use raven for destructive purposes.

If you carry raven medicine, you must always use it in the light for the highest and best interests of others. You must use it for the good and well being of others, and never for your own selfish motives even though you may be tempted when times are bad. Raven medicine demands that you walk in the light in all things. That's heavy with responsibility for your own thoughts and deeds.

Work your magic in the light you are Raven.

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Animal Spirits
Animal Spirits




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