How To Stay Fit At Work?

Working for a long time on your desk tends to be quite boring. Besides sitting in the same posture for a long time may trigger pain. So in order to stay fit in your work place you can do lots of things. We all know that nothing can be the best medicine than exercise. It has been medically proven that a person who exercises frequently does stay fitter than other people who are not regular with exercises. He even does not suffer from several health diseases. Opting for physiotherapy from South Brisbane is a great option. However, if you are thinking about how to stay fit in workplace then here are some tips for you.

Change the sitting posture –

We have already said that sitting in the same posture for a long time can cause heavy pain in the body. If you want to get rid of back pain then don’t sit in same posture for a long time. Change the posture of sitting after every two hours. Be careful about the set up of your work place. Make sure that the computer is not kept too high from the height of your chair. Take a look on the position of the monitor and be sure that it is not placed too low. You could attend a sports injury clinic and learn a lot of exercises which would be fruitful for you to stay fit at your workplace.

By optimising the sitting position –

Most of us carry misconception about the right seating position that must be followed. When you need to sit for a long time then make sure that your spine is properly curved. In order to get a perfect curve you should roll your pelvis till you achieve a slight curve. Now check once that your head is not placed too far forward of back. If you change your posture in this way then it will give you relieve. After that you may change your posture however you may like. Stay and move over to the position which gives you utmost comfort.

Learn some exercise from your psychotherapist –

Whether you are suffering of acute back pain or not, there is a need of exercise for everyone. You may not know this, but the point is your body needs it. But if you are feeling the pain and you need to sit in front of your computer for a long time then it is our recommended to consult a physiotherapist at the earliest. Learn some pain relieving exercises. Ensure that you do it seldom especially if you need to sit for a long time. After doing exercises in between your work you will feel relieved and less stressed. So stay fit and healthy even while you are working for a long time.