Couples Counselling – Sustaining The Core Social Relationship

The well-being of couples is a very important factor in a core social relationship. There is a need for coupling life style in a human relationship. Previously, majority of the adults were married and were living with their spouses. In some cases among those who were married, some were separated either due to divorce and some were widowed. While some choose to marry, some chose to cohabit, and others chose to be single for the rest of their lives. This is a proof of the fact that human relationship gets better with coupling lifestyle and there is still an interest in a coupling lifestyle.

Needs and Duties are Inter-related

Couples counselling has an important role to play in bringing back balance in a relationship. The median age for marriage has increased for both men and women. This is also true about women choosing to have their first child. Being able to provide support is the major factor in any married relationship. It also involves considering the views of one’s partner when it becomes important to take major decisions in life. When in a couple relationship, the needs and duties of individuals are interrelated and each of them transcend their individual needs. Those couples who do not take the consideration of the partner in the relationship are those who land up requiring psychotherapy Newcastle at some point in time in life.

Functions in a Couple Relationship

The major goal of a couple relationship is to provide and receive support. This is supposed to be there for the full breadth of the couple relationship. This includes each partner fulfilling the wishes for intimacy, my time for each one, socializing with family and friends and more. The inability to provide support leads to separation and a need to improve on the ability live alone. The thoughts and feelings that couples encounter every day and the frequency of feelings that each of them experience with the extended family members decide the fate of the relationship. The giving and receiving support should happen without diluting the individuality of each member making the couple.

Inappropriate Symptoms on the Relationship

When there is a mismatch in the social life and when the basic functionalities in a couple are not executed that is the beginning of inappropriate symptoms on the relationship, like wanting more of my time than before. In the absence of an area of adjustment, it becomes important to get some couples counselling to restore balance in the relationship.

Counseling helps with addressing economic issues, companionship and intimacy issues, work and recreation issues, parenting issues, household chore issues, religious issues, friends, substance abuse issues, communication issues and issues with respect to the relationship in the family.